Weekly Meal Planner

March 06, 2022

Weekly Meal Planner

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With rising costs something I keep seeing posted by my mom friends is "how do I save money on groceries" - everyone will have different tips and tricks BUT something I personally find helpful is MEAL PLANNING.... I find this stops me buying unwanted items when I go to the store and ordering in when I have "nothing" in the fridge.

So I decided to create a design to help others in this process, take a moment each week to plan your meals and mark down your grocery list as you go.

This simple design will help you plan a weeks worth of meals in one easy to view spot:

  • Each day of the week Monday - Sunday is laid out in own section
  • Spot for Breakfast - Lunch - Supper
  • Bonus column to include any groceries you may need to buy

Use this letter size sheet to plan and track a weeks worth of meals, having everything displayed in 1 easy place to refer to throughout the week.


Included in this webspace is a PDF file of the "weekly meal planner" page shown, save this file by clicking on the DOWNLOAD THIS FREE CREATION button at the bottom of the page. Then simply print onto a letter size (8.5"x11") piece of paper. Laminate the page to reuse over and over again each week. Or just print it when you need it.

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A little bit about freeCREATIONS

"Hi" I am Natalie Long of LONG Creations, the mama and graphic designer behind the designs shown on this webspace. In 2020 I became "internet famous" when I created and shared some COVID-19 Time Capsules pages I had created for my children as a free gift through my Facebook page..... and the rest as they say is history!

I am constantly designing activities and keepsakes for my kids. freeCREATIONS was created in order to share these designs with all of you. Thanks to EMBARK for hosting this space and allowing me to share these files with you all for FREE.

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